La Bodega

Hello! My name is Joshua Contreras. I am currently a Senior at Colorado State University studying graphic design. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, however, I have lived in other areas of the country. On top of Graphic Design, I do photography as well as video on the side to make a little extra.
With my work, I would like to say that the areas I grew up in do influence me and create the style that I have. New York City and Durango, Mexico are the areas I grew up in. Another influence is my culture/ethnicity. Being of Mexican/Dominican decent, I do like to add that Latino spice to my work from time to time and show my roots.
I mainly do sports photography but with my time in college coming to an end soon, I would like to explore more meduims within photogrpahy as well as genres of photo (such as Portraiture, Landscape, etc.).
With that being said, I would love to collaborate and/or shadow anyone if they are willing to spend some time teaching/having fun while creating some amazing content!

Lets Work Together!